DC Princess Bash!

They could be having a party, or looking for a villain to bash in the face!

Planning to have this available as a print at the Long Beach Comic Con , November 23-24.

I’ll be sharing a table with the delightful Amy Mebberson.  Have to stick with the princess theme.

I’ll have sketchbooks, and whatever sketch cards I have left.  No time to make new ones, and sorry, I’m not accepting commissions. 

Brianne & I will be at Long Beach Comic Con’s artist alley, booth 1712!!
I’ll have ‘Family Foes’ and ‘Dreamers’ for sale (free sketch with purchase!!) and lots of sketch cards & sketchbooks! :)


Un Petit chapeau bleu

Playing with a new pastel brush

Just a reminder to newcomers that James Silvani & I share a second tumblr where we post our original sketches, like this one :) I’ve been posting Inktober sketches there, too!

"Who’s scruffy-lookin’?"

Original drawing by James Silvani, cols by me in Photoshop.


I did this as a little demo at D23 Expo. Wasn’t for sale, but people always love watching an artist make something right before their eyes :)


Happy Halloween, Tumblr.
In keeping with the ‘post your costume’-fest that is my dash right now, here’s me as Briar Rose with my favourite chuckleheads Sally & Chuck as Wendy & Dipper
- Disneyland Not-so-Scary Halloween.