Pocket Princesses 91: Checkmate

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friendly reminder tumblr updated their terms of service, and that it is now against tumblr’s terms of service to repost something without a full link back to the original (lines 86-90 if you want their exact wording)

Just putting this here.
One more reason to REPOST WISELY from other sites and not repost at ALL if the source is right here on Tumblr.
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Do ya wanna build a Snow-dragon?

Mr B Natural

"A clarinet’s not just a clarinet, it’s a HAPP-Y SMILE!!!!"

Pocket Princesses 88: Morning Breath

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Family means anyone can be a Princess.

Decided to give the Stitch that James guest-drew for Pocket Princesses 29 his own portrait. Because he’s too adorable.

Original drawing by James Silvani, colours by me :)