The one day she didn’t do a perimeter check…
Just two green guys from the swamp.


Inktober Day 1

So I’m gonna try and take part in Inktober! One inked sketch a day AND I’m gonna avoid fanart! So all my Inktober original character sketches will be posted to our Pointystix feed.


Hello Nurse, Hellooo Nurse. It’s great to hollandaise. Hello Nurse, Hello Nurse to you.

Come by and see me at New York Comic Con, October 10-13. I’ll be in Artist’s Alley at table C-15.

And I’ll be next door at C14! We’ll have lovely Disney prints and commission lists and sketchbooks and comic trades, c’mon by!

I will have a VERY limited number of Singalong for sale as well - $40 with certificate of authenticity!

Y’ever get a funny feeling you wuz being taken for a chump?

Y’ever get a funny feeling you wuz being taken for a chump?

"A Taste of Royalty" - my new Acme giclee available now at 2013 Epcot Food and Wine Festival!

This is also available NOW from Acme Archives’ website here

(the plants along the bottom are significant to each princesses’ national cuisine. From left to right: Star Anise, Thai basil (China), bay, juniper (Germany) garlic (Creole), hazelnuts (German again) dill and lemon(Danish))

Princess Twilight Sparkle.