"Letting Go" - my new Frozen giclee now available from Acme Archives.

This is a ltd edition of 50 paper and 50 canvas(EDIT. Canvas edition SOLD OUT)

Oswald & Ortensia clownin’ about in 1924


Monster Island - James and my contribution to Emerald City Comic Con’s 2012 Monsters & Dames book. We’ll be back with a new piece in the 2014 edition next March! :)

Just a reminder, James & I have a second tumblr feed where we post our non-fanart, original stuff like this :) So go check it out!


I like to share.  Sharing is sort of what I do.

But please don’t post big chunks of my website to Tumblr without attributions, okay?  I am a writer.  My words are my life.  Having them go around as public domain or “I dunno who wrote this, just somebody” hurts me, a lot.  It says I have no value as a creator, just as a content generator.  So please, please don’t.


Just so everyone knows I’m not some lone crazy woman here. ALL creators deserve proper attribution & a say in how their work is shared online. Don’t be a selfish lazy jerk please.

COMING SOON - “Letting Go”

My new Frozen giclee will be arriving Monday 9th from Acme Archives! You’ll see the full image when the store link goes live :)

SUPER excited to get this ready right on movie release time, so I hope everyone likes it. It’s only a limited edition of 50 paper($125ea) and 50 stretched canvas($245 ea)

Pixies of Arendelle

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