Pocket Princesses 87: Perfect Gift

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Because I’ve decided it’s Frozen MONTH at PP, in celebration of how fantastically the movie is still doing! If you haven’t seen it yet due to sold-out sessions, keep trying! It’s worth it :)


My other bit of loot that I will share with you right now is this  amazing piece by my girl Amy.

It’s like the header image for an entire section in Jet Wolf 101.


Christmas was a success! I got several cool things, including the hoodie some of you may have spotted from Nikki’s feed earlier. I also got a number of 360 games (which includes not only several older FPSes I hadn’t gotten to yet, but Dynasty Warriors 8, aw yissss) and even some Japanese candy with thrilling packaging that features tiny anthropormized grapes that are thrilled to be devoured by me.

But the picture above bears special mention. It is an Amy Mebberson original art piece of Nene from Bubblegum Crisis, and it is so damned adorable. Like, seriously, I pretty much squealed when I opened this up. It’s extra appropriate since “Nene” is the name of the new computer that Nikki assembled a few weeks ago.

It is now a goal in my life to get the other three Knight Sabers done up in a similar fashion. Like, a Sims 3 happiness points level of thing. If you’re a fan of anime and never considered getting art of some of your favorite anime characters from Amy, you should think again.

Happy Holidays from Pocket Princesses. No new strip this week because I will be on a 17 hr journey to Australia for family Christmas!

Painting practice for things. Didn’t like the paper for Poca but the paper for Ariel is excellent (Arches 140lb hot press watercolor)

Pocket Princesses 86: SPICY!

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My official Frozen giclee ‘Letting Go’ is available now from Acme Archives!


internet-treasures-deactivated2 asked:

What is one way to get better at drawing (except practise) and how do you discover your own style



There is not exception to practice. You can read books and take classes and do figure drawing, but it’s all just practice. Sketchbooks should be filled with drawings, 1000’s of them. 

When I was young, I had to make 50 free throws a night. At first it would take me a 100 to get 50. Soon, after 1000’s of shots, it would take me 50 to hit 50. You practice and build your skill set. It takes time but it will happen. 

On finding your own style. Don’t worry, it will find you if you draw enough. In the beginning we don’t have enough experience drawing so we use someone else’s style as our base. Sooner or later, after years and 1000’s of pages of sketchbooks filled, the influences will start fall off and the way YOU draw will be there underneath. 

I don’t know if we FIND our own style as much as we let go of the styles we’re trying to use from others. 

Skottie Young. Listen to this man. Every artist you love has practiced like CRAZY for YEARS to do what they do. Keep sketching, keep trying new things, draw things you love, draw things you’ve never drawn before, keep pushing and your own unique voice WILL show itself. There are no shortcuts, no tricks, no easy paths. Practice practice practice.