Pocket Princesses 97: Relax!

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Sketching Oswald & Ortensia. I adore these two, there’s so much fun to be had with them. Especially if you imagine they only talk in silent wingdings ;)

SO EXCITED to announce Disney’s new Muppets Most Wanted Facebook Sticker pack! It was an absolutely joy to make these and work with the Muppets again! The pack is FREE and available to download from your nearest FB chat window :)


General commissions are open!

A break in my schedule opened up enough to either make a sandwich or take on some mailing commissions. Since the only bread I have left is rye, looks like commissions win.

All pieces are on 9x12’ sheets of bristol board and start at $60 per character for color art (like the piece pictured above) and $40 per character in grey marker. Prices go up for elaborate or additional characters, backgrounds, props, etc. There will be additional $10 charge for P&H.

Nothing dirty, bloody or anything else to disparage the characters. Also no caricatures (There are better people than me to do those than me). Otherwise, I look forward to hearing your suggestions

Email me for details and questions at silvaniart@gmail.com or send me an ask through tumblr.

This does not happen often, folks. Being a Swiss army freelance comic artist means we’re very busy 99% of the time. While it would be nice to be able to say yes any time someone emails to say ‘can I pay you to make something for me?’, there are unfortunately only so many hours in the day.
So if you enjoy James’ art and it makes you laugh like it does to me, consider getting something while his window is open. He’s a funny sonofagun and you could get that Toothless Jaeger you always wanted :)

This is not my artwork, but it’s a very important piece of artwork if you love Disney and especially Disney Afternoon.

This is the original pitch painting created by my good friend Tad Stones for ‘Kit Colby and the Rescue Rangers’, a new concept he took to Michael Eisner and Jeffrey Katzenberg in the early development days of what became Disney Afternoon.

According to Tad, within 2 minutes Eisner said ‘take out that Kit guy, put the two chipmunks in instead’ and the rest is history.

As with any new show, it developed and evolved. Gadget got a little prettier, Monterey Jack got Kit’s dress sense and the Chinese cricket Chirp Sing thankfully didn’t survive long enough to age awkwardly into the PC era ;)

Camille the Chameleon was the idea of fellow Ducktales writer Jymn Magon.

This is an awesome painting and part of Disney television history and I thank Tad for his permission to upload it and share its story with y’all :)

Glitter and Gold Jem!