Draw-A-Saurus is in stores now!

I hope you enjoy working with the lessons as much as I enjoyed creating them.

Pick the book up at your favorite bookstore or online at…


Barnes & Noble

Indie Bound

Google Books


Yes, I am pimping my partner’s book because it’s an awesome book for all ages & unlike other how-to-draw books, it teaches Dino facts but ALSO encourages kids to CREATE THEIR OWN DINOSAURS by looking at the world around them. Where else will to find a book that shows a dinosaur inspired by ice cream?

So if there is a baby paleontologist in your life (big or small), then go get Drawasaurus now!!

Pocket Princesses 118 - Knitting lesson

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Scum and Villainy

This is my piece for Acme Archives “Join The Alliance” event. This is a timed release that can only be purchased from September 5th through the 15th. Once the sale is over with, they are gone for good! Order one for the laser brain in your life.

James’ new Star Wars print is a limited release like our last ones were!

So mark your calendars to order one for the Star Wars mischief-maker in your lives!


My piece for A Little Known Shop’s Iron Giant tribute show - Sep 13 in Anaheim!

Hello dudes and dudettes!

It’s that time of year again! James Silvani & I are now taking pre-commissions for New York Comic Con.

If you are attending NYCC and would like to get a super-nice fancy piece of original art from us, now is the time to give us a holler. We highly encourage pre-commissions because you can get it in COLOUR.

Please note this is ONLY for attendees of New York Comic Con for personal pickup at our tables. We cannot take mailing commissions at this time.

For the first time, I am offering 5x7” painted head pieces like Rarity up there. These are gouache paints.  Enquiries about larger painted pieces are welcome, but the price will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

We will still be taking commissions at the con every day, but space will be very limited and we will only be doing sketches in grey.

Starting prices are listed in the pic up there. Multiple characters, elaborate props/costumes or background will increase the price.

Please note: I do not take requests for the following:A

Adult Material - nothing higher than a PG. Cheesecake pinups are fine :)

Robots, mecha or elaborate scifi weaponry - it’s not my thing

caricatures of family members & pets. Again, not my thing

TARDIS - The TARDIS is big and detailed and taxes my blue pens. As a character artist, I also just find it really boring to draw ;)

If you’re interested, please email us with your idea and we’ll take it from there. Payment is in advance via paypal only.

amymebberson at gmail

silvaniart at gmail

Pocket Princesses 117: Book Learnin’

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