Her Highness Princess Tiana of Moldonia.

Get pretty head sketches like this and more at San Diego Comic Con - James Silvani & I will be at booth F-07 (Illustrator’s section)

'Lifeguard on Duty' - 6x8”, Acrylic & Gouache

Original available for purchase from Disney Wonderground Gallery.

Original SOLD

'Special Delivery' - 6x8”, Acrylic & Gouache

Original available for purchase from Disney Wonderground Gallery.

Price: $450

For enquiries and holds for personal pick-up only, please call  Disney Vault 28 at (714) 300 7004

"New Hat" - 6x8", acrylic & gouache

Original SOLD.


That time of year again, gang! The giant dizzying shindig that is San Diego Comic Con is just over a week away. Hold me.

James Silvani & I will be back as always at booth F-07 - PLEASE CONSULT THE HANDY DANDY MAP!  Last year we had far too many people who went looking for us in Artist Alley where we are NOT AT.

There is a table FF-07 in Artist Alley - THAT IS NOT US. So PLEASE don’t roam all the way down there, we’re up in the back of Hall A.

Hall A for Amy, remember it like that :)

That’s F-07 - in the back corner of HALL A in the Illustrator section - look for our new banner featuring Darkwing Duck and Merida. We’re next door to the ever-amazing 2dbean.

As for goodies up for grabs, hooo boy, we’ll have ‘em! Looooots of original art for sale including my usual binder of mini trading cards.

We’ll be taking commissions with a fresh list every day with prices starting at $40-50 for a full figure or $20 for a smaller headshot like these examples by James here  (please come early, we’ll be taking limited lists this year to prevent exhaustion :)).

Our Disney table prints will be back as well as very limited numbers of our latest Acme lithographs:

James will also have a new sketchbook and you’ll be able to peruse an advance copy of his amazing new book Draw-a-saurus (and hey, you can scan the book’s barcode with your phone and pre-order it at the bookstore app of your choice :))

And there may be free headgear, just warning you now ;)

I’ll be signing with other MLP creators at the IDW booth on Friday 5-6pm

BOOTH F-07, back of Hall A: write that sucker down! NOT IN ARTIST ALLEY:  write that sucker down even bigger ;)

Alice and the Red Queen

When a girl has absolutely HAD IT with all this nonsense.

Watercolour & acrylic gouache.