Ariel and Eric

Pose inspired by ‘Cat on a Hot Tin Roof’

Pocket Princesses 115: Summer Harvest

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Minnie in a blue wrap - Gouache

Minnie in a blue wrap - Gouache

Pocket Princesses 114: Not How It Works

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Divalicious, Amy Mebberson’s and my explosive comedy-drama-sendup of the music business, has finally come to Comixology. "Divalicious! follows teenage pop princess Tina Young in her endless pursuit of fame, aided by her hapless personal assistant, Shaquille. It’s a coming-of-age story set in the stranger-than-fiction world of modern American music—where glamour and fame can come overnight, but maturity often proves much more elusive.”

OMG you guys!! My very first published comics, Divalicious!, are on comixology!! t-campbell & I got to tell a pretty epic story about the 16-yr-old goofball pop diva and her R&B boyfriend, unflappable PA Shaquille (back when ‘metrosexual’ was a thing!) and a cast of thousands. It’ still amazing how much stuff T managed to squeeze into 2 volumes: Idol contests, Christian pop, prison, corporate Big Bads, the endless search for Kaballah water.„

Too Hot for Cri-kee.

SDCC piece

Tracy Turnblad - SDCC commission