Mini Anna and Elsa paintings.

Pocket Princesses 102: Love your Comics

(Of course Elsa is in the Carol Corps!)

FREE COMIC BOOK DAY is tomorrow everyone! Seek out your local comic shop cuz they’ll have free comics and activities and pros like me signing things and saying hi!

Please Reblog, Don’t repost

My name is Amy Mebberson and I make comics. Former Disney inbetweener, Artist on My Little Pony and many Disney, Pixar & Muppet comics.

I grew up with the funny pages: Peanuts, & Krazy Kat were my first loves. I have drawn comics since I was 9 and nothing has stopped me since.

Love your comics, no matter what.

Letting Go: Day 1.

Oh Elsa…

I got a Cintiq Companion and it is AWESOME! Full digital arting in front of the TV :)

"Take a Number"

Available for purchase from Acme Dark Ink Art here

Little ones

Painting & mucking around :)

(updated with a much better scan :))

Instagram account now open!

Hey gang,
Just wanted to let everyone know that I started an Instagram, where I post my silly rough sketches of things.. Mostly Disney characters being silly in my various headcanons :)
My Instagram can be found under username ‘amymebberson’.

Pocket Princesses will still only be posted here on my tumblr and on the official FB page. Any PP you see on IG are reposts and not mine.