Tink. Just a little cool-down sketch.

Marceline art card, birthday giftie :)
Megara - birthday art card for my sista from another mista

Kira from Xanadu

OLD commission, but one I’m still rather proud of :)

My girl Jet Wolf is the only person in perpetuity who gets art from me whenever she desires. That’s how besties roll :)

She asked me to make her something nice when her epic Sailor Moon feed KeyofNik hit 25K posts.

Hoo-roo Steve.

Another from the archives, drawn on the occasion of the tragic death of a pretty awesome guy.


I drew this while @drinkin’
Snyder ain’t the only one who can tease

James rough-sketched this in about 5 mins, but it’s still enough proof that DWD looks frigging awesome in a suit.

And TWO gas guns.

A fitting tribute to all the noir crime-fighting serials Tad Stones took as inspiration when he created the Night-flapping Terror :)