You heard the duck-man!! Heroescon pre-commissions are now OPEN!

Like James, I will do 9x12 single characters in grey Copic starting at $40-50 and my colour work starts at $70 for one character on 9x12.

Multiple characters will of course cost more, so all ya gotta do is email with your idea and we’ll take it from there. Huge group pics, however, I may have to decline for sheer time reasons.

Fun Sizes are of course available for $25 per piece (one character max, it’s not a huge canvas!)

We will do mashups or original characters, it’s up to you. Again, this is JUST for people attending Heroescon in Charlotte June 22-24. San Diego Comic Con pre-commissions will likely open up after that. So stay tuned!

If you’d like a Heroecon pre-commission, email either of us and ask! (amymebberson or silvaniart )


Hereoscon Commissions are open!

Hereoscon is June 22-24 in Charlotte, North Carolina. Amy Mebberson and I will be there along with our other cohorts from Cadence Comic Art. If you are headed there and would like some schmancy art, we are now open for commission pre-orders.