"Letting Go" - my new Frozen giclee now available from Acme Archives.

This is a ltd edition of 50 paper and 50 canvas.

COMING SOON - “Letting Go”

My new Frozen giclee will be arriving Monday 9th from Acme Archives! You’ll see the full image when the store link goes live :)

SUPER excited to get this ready right on movie release time, so I hope everyone likes it. It’s only a limited edition of 50 paper($125ea) and 50 stretched canvas($245 ea)

'Divine Dreams' - second in my Art Deco Princesses series now available from Acme Archives
'Shining in the Starlight' - NEW GICLEE now available from Acme Archives

"A Taste of Royalty" - my new Acme giclee available now at 2013 Epcot Food and Wine Festival!

This is also available NOW from Acme Archives’ website here

(the plants along the bottom are significant to each princesses’ national cuisine. From left to right: Star Anise, Thai basil (China), bay, juniper (Germany) garlic (Creole), hazelnuts (German again) dill and lemon(Danish))

"Date Night"

My first Mouse giclee for Acme, now available HERE

I am determined to bring some sophistication, style and elegance back to Mickey and Minnie. I see so much more in this beloved couple than the ‘Tee-hee-aw-shucks’ image they’re always depicted in.