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NYCC commission

Sketchy Anna! :)

Hey gang,

Sorry for the lack of updates lately, both here and on my Instagram. I’ve been super-busy working on several really cool things I can’t talk or share much about. But when I can, it’ll be pretty sweet, so stay tuned :)

In the meantime, just a friendly reminder that silvaniart & I will be tabling in Artist Alley at Long Beach Comic Con and New York Comic Con. These are some of the little paintings I’ll have up for grabs (I do not sell prints or online sales in any form, just fyi).

We’ll both be taking commissions every day at the cons, so come early as you can if you’d like a custom sketch :)

My commission list for both cons is closed, but James is still open, so get in asap if you’d like an original piece by the king of the mashups!

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