Pocket Princesses 109: Gingers

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Only 3 more days left for sale of my FROZEN print ‘Ice Play’! Get yours now! Sales end June 30!

Ice Ogres are a girl’s best friend.
Playing around with acrylics.

Ice Ogres are a girl’s best friend.

Playing around with acrylics.

'Ice Play' and 'Lilo & Stitch' NOW ON SALE

hey gang! Sales are NOW OPEN at darkinkart for James Silvani & my new lithographs!

Ice Play available here (USA) and here (for UK & EU customers!)

Lilo and Stitch available here and here (UK and EU customers)

These prints will be available for the next TEN DAYS only. After June 30, no more orders will be taken and the editions closed. So go buy something shiny! :)

Ice Play

Hoo-oo! BIG SUMMER BLOWOUT! This Limited Release litho will go on pre-order sale at NOON this Friday June 20

This is part of Acme Archive’s Stroke of Midnight collection (along with James Silvani’s Lilo & Stitch lithograph). So how a Ltd Release works is this: ONLY the number of pre-orders these prints get will determine how many are made. This will be available to order from June 20-30. After June 30, the edition will be closed and no longer available. So the only way to get a print is to get in thar and order one during this time :)

Ice Play is 9x24” and costs $40, the same as last year’s Singalong, which is totally still available btw ;).

Regents of Arendelle

Original art piece I did for fun. Anna & Elsa are hand-painted on small craft wood plaques, mounted on decorative craft paper. The frames are decorated with cardstock, gold paint & crystals.

*Please note: Not for sale. I’m keeping it as a portfolio piece :)