First My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic fine art print! :D

Ltd edition released by Acid Free Gallery under license by Hasbro

Coming July 11, details here :)

Nightmare Rarity - concept sketch

This is my design which Hasbro had to approve for Nightmare Rarity in My Little Pony issues 5-8. Thankfully, they gave a thumbs-up with no revisions! I was amazed tonight to find out that artsy-craftsy Bronies have been making superb vectors and models of ‘Nightmarity’ on deviantart.

That’s too much awesome to process in one night, so I wanted to say thank you to ALL the love Pony fans have shown Heather & me for our story. We had a blast :)

Coming up next, I will be back with my partner-in-berry-scented-crime, Georgia Ball! We headlined 6 issues of Strawberry Shortcake together and now we’re moving to Ponyville with the upcoming Princess Celestia one-shot, coming in September.


If you haven’t been picking up the latest arc of the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic comic, you should feel a deep sense of shame right now. My girl Amy Mebberson had the art duties for this one, and that means OMG CAMEOS.

Including some which I think will be of particular interest to…

My girl Jet Wolf conveniently catalogs all the Sailor Moon refs I snuck into My Little Pony. My own little tribute to MLP creator and fellow Sailormoon fan Lauren Faust.

Jem is Moi’s name, no one else is the same!

Jem art cards… and a Kimber!

3x4” each, watercolour & copics

My Little Snow White

(I don’t care if this has been done before or by whom… felt like it, draw’d it)