Nightmare Rarity - concept sketch

This is my design which Hasbro had to approve for Nightmare Rarity in My Little Pony issues 5-8. Thankfully, they gave a thumbs-up with no revisions! I was amazed tonight to find out that artsy-craftsy Bronies have been making superb vectors and models of ‘Nightmarity’ on deviantart.

That’s too much awesome to process in one night, so I wanted to say thank you to ALL the love Pony fans have shown Heather & me for our story. We had a blast :)

Coming up next, I will be back with my partner-in-berry-scented-crime, Georgia Ball! We headlined 6 issues of Strawberry Shortcake together and now we’re moving to Ponyville with the upcoming Princess Celestia one-shot, coming in September.


If you haven’t been picking up the latest arc of the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic comic, you should feel a deep sense of shame right now. My girl Amy Mebberson had the art duties for this one, and that means OMG CAMEOS.

Including some which I think will be of particular interest to…

My girl Jet Wolf conveniently catalogs all the Sailor Moon refs I snuck into My Little Pony. My own little tribute to MLP creator and fellow Sailormoon fan Lauren Faust.