Iron Mouse - seems like good a time as any to post this :)

Custom piece made for C2E2’s 2013 charity auction to benefit St Jude’s Hospital.


SDCC- Aww-semble

Seriously, people. Why on earth aren’t you following my partner? LOOK AT THIS!! Look what you’re missing!

"Yes, well, this IS just the prototype, Fenton.." - G. Gearloose


NYCC Commission- If Disney bought Marvel in the 70’s. Yes, I know there’s modern characters in there, just work with me.

I pimp James’ art not just cuz he’s my partner, but because his art IS a Laughing Place. Tell him yours and he’ll draw it for you!

Iron Mouse

Don’t forget this is one of a set! Check my tumblr for Donald and Goofy :)