A concept Aaron Sparrow and I chewed over for a possible comic strip. I love the funnies and Fun-Sizing the Muppets seemed a natural approach. Still would love to do more with this someday :)

My Favourite of my Muppet Show comic covers. This was a C2E2 show variant and I went all-out to make one Chicagoans could be proud of. I couldn’t have done it without native Illinoisian Scott and fierce Chi-girl Katie.

Couple of original touches had to be changed for print: Sam was reading the Tribune and Beaker’s crackerjack box had to be altered slightly. Janice’s top originally read Cubs.

Skeeter’s first cover. The only other time she made it, she was dressed as Robin on a SDCC cover by Roger Langridge.

Muppet Movie coming!! Have a pig and a frog.

It’s not easy being in Maui

Oh, the life of an Emcee…

Photographing fun sizes is always a bit of a crap shoot. They look much cooler in real life.

Commission for @Heroescon. Indiana Frog and Marian. So happy to hear lots of people liked it :) @Muppets