After-party waltz from the most adorable couple.

Happy 85th Birthday, Mickey and Minnie.


I did this as a little demo at D23 Expo. Wasn’t for sale, but people always love watching an artist make something right before their eyes :)



So, a few new linky-dinks!

Date Night” is now available from Acme Archives at $89 for giclee on art paper and $145 for giclee on canvas

"A Taste of Royalty" (my Foodie Princesses Epcot painting) is also available directly from Acme for $145 (paper) and $245 (canvas)

(the posts linked in the titles above have the Acme store link in them now. If you go to my Tumblr page, there is a link at the top which will take you to ALL my currently-available Acme art and links to the online store for purchase)

Mickey gone fishin’.

Just mucking around with photoshop. Trying to get that old book illo look with as simple a technique as possible

"Date Night"

My first Mouse giclee for Acme, now available HERE

I am determined to bring some sophistication, style and elegance back to Mickey and Minnie. I see so much more in this beloved couple than the ‘Tee-hee-aw-shucks’ image they’re always depicted in.

Iron Mouse - seems like good a time as any to post this :)

Custom piece made for C2E2’s 2013 charity auction to benefit St Jude’s Hospital.

Mickey Black Bolt & Pluto Lockjaw. Heroescon sketch