My Little Pony Friends Forever #4

Written by Rob Anderson

Art by me, colours by Heather Breckel

Cover by me :)

This is out TODAY from IDW publishing. Thought I’d post the cover so you can see the full stained glass background. The MLP logo & cover dressing hid a bit of it ;)

Frozen Ponies - ECCC request for a little girl who loved the earlier one I did :)

Rainbow Dash & Lightning Dust

Copic & Gouache

Rainbow Dash & the Wonderbolts! NEW YAWK STYLE!

3 more MLP Artist Proof sketch cards

Twilight Sparkle, Nightmare Rarity and Princess Celestia.

So earlier this year IDW asked me and bunch of other Pony artists to do original art cards to include with their Deluxe Label MLP trades. In return for my labours, I got a bunch of Artist Proof cards and it is time to release them into the wild!

First up, the Cutie Mark Crusaders… TOTALLY not getting it.