'Birthday Cake' - 6x8”. acrylic & gouache

Original SOLD :)

Once Upon an Equestrian Dream - Wondercon piece

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic issue 5 is OUT NOW! I drawed it up all purty and you can get it on itunes HERE

Pocket Princesses #22 - Merida’s First Tea Party

Delighted to say that Pocket Princesses will be making their debut at San Diego Comic Con!! I’m not going to say HOW, because I want it to be an extra-special treat for comicon attendees. Come by booth 1804(APE Entertainment) or our Artist Alley table DD11 to see an all-new Pocket Princesses piece.

I’ll post it here after the con is over.

James Silvani will also have a new Stitch piece available at DD11, so stop on by!!

Pocket Princess 21 - BEARS

Note: Pocket Princesses is still TECHNICALLY on hiatus, I just had a brief moment and an idea and thought I’d share while I can.