Princess Harley

Decided to do up a nicer version of a previous con sketch.

Amethyst - old school!

Cool down sketch before bed.


Screwballs In Skirts!

There has GOTTA be a way to revive this with only the SMALLEST dash of irony. Give the Kardashians their own comic? Please note: all dog shows are run by old biddies.

Fun Size: DCnU Wonder Woman


Looking forward to the new Popeye comics. And if anyone asks, here’s how I would do it. Colors by Amy Mebberson.

This + Roger Langridge as writer = MOST AWESOME REVIVAL EVER!

Flawless Popeye, Wimpy, Roughhouse etc by James. Colours by me.

Silver Age Supergirl #SDCC commission pre-order. 8x10”