Jem is Moi’s name, no one else is the same!

Jem art cards… and a Kimber!

3x4” each, watercolour & copics

Jem pony! Haven’t done one for a while, so here she is!

Jem Pony!! Makes me wish I knew how to reroot hair so I could make her :)

Fun Size: Glamour & Glitter

Things @SilvaniArt and I love that we haven’t got to draw. YET!! #NYCC commission

She makes an impression you won’t forget!

So. Hasbro are taunting us all that some big Jem news is coming at NYCC.

That’s nice. When do I start?

(if you’re wondering why Synergy hasn’t had a makeover - I figure the girls find a 25 year old supercomputer that hasn’t been upgraded since 1987 ;))