First My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic fine art print! :D

Ltd edition released by Acid Free Gallery under license by Hasbro

Coming July 11, details here :)

My Little Pony Friends Forever #4

Written by Rob Anderson

Art by me, colours by Heather Breckel

Cover by me :)

This is out TODAY from IDW publishing. Thought I’d post the cover so you can see the full stained glass background. The MLP logo & cover dressing hid a bit of it ;)

Frozen Ponies - ECCC request for a little girl who loved the earlier one I did :)

Rainbow Dash & Lightning Dust

Copic & Gouache

Rainbow Dash & the Wonderbolts! NEW YAWK STYLE!

3 more MLP Artist Proof sketch cards

Twilight Sparkle, Nightmare Rarity and Princess Celestia.