Monster Island - James and my contribution to Emerald City Comic Con’s 2012 Monsters & Dames book. We’ll be back with a new piece in the 2014 edition next March! :)

Just a reminder, James & I have a second tumblr feed where we post our non-fanart, original stuff like this :) So go check it out!


Un Petit chapeau bleu

Playing with a new pastel brush

Just a reminder to newcomers that James Silvani & I share a second tumblr where we post our original sketches, like this one :) I’ve been posting Inktober sketches there, too!

Back to school.

Saw some outfits from a 70’s catalog and decided to play.

Trying to do more original stuff, even if it is mostly just cute girls.

3x4 cards, watercolour & copics - and some old postage stamps