Scum and Villainy

This is my piece for Acme Archives “Join The Alliance” event. This is a timed release that can only be purchased from September 5th through the 15th. Once the sale is over with, they are gone for good! Order one for the laser brain in your life.

James’ new Star Wars print is a limited release like our last ones were!

So mark your calendars to order one for the Star Wars mischief-maker in your lives!

"Take a Number"

Available for purchase from Acme Dark Ink Art here

Give a farm boy and a farm girl weapons, what could happen??

"Who’s scruffy-lookin’?"

Original drawing by James Silvani, cols by me in Photoshop.

Robin Solo and Friend.
con sketch


A long time ago, in a Mystery Shack far, far away….

Look at this amazing thing James did!!!!


"Never Tell Me The Odds!"

My new Star Wars Storybook giclee will be debuting at the Acme Archives booth during the D23 Expo

D23 will be the first time the full set of original trilogy giclees will be available.

Luke to the rescue