Pocket Princess 55: Addiction

Please reblog, don’t repost.

(Please feel free to tell ANYONE you see reposting my stuff that Amy No Likee and encourage them to type the URL on the image and find the source. Awareness educates!)

Dark magic meets Hair magic  - Dark Willow and Rapunzel. Wondercon piece

When will my trades begin? Wondercon piece

5x7, copics & pen

Rapunzel & Tiana having a bit of a bad hair day. ECCC sketch.

Pocket Princesses #52 - Agoraphobia

I’m seeing a LOT of PP repostings going on linking to WeHeartIt or imgur or Pinterest.  If you see a piece of art with a ‘home’ URL on it, please take a minute to look up that URL and reblog from the person who created it.

REBLOG PLEASE, don’t Repost other people’s work.

Pocket Princess 45: Club Oscar

(Vanellope was only a guest last week, she’s not a regular ;))