Rapunzel & Tiana having a bit of a bad hair day. ECCC sketch.

Pocket Princesses #52 - Agoraphobia

I’m seeing a LOT of PP repostings going on linking to WeHeartIt or imgur or Pinterest.  If you see a piece of art with a ‘home’ URL on it, please take a minute to look up that URL and reblog from the person who created it.

REBLOG PLEASE, don’t Repost other people’s work.

Pocket Princess 45: Club Oscar

(Vanellope was only a guest last week, she’s not a regular ;))

Pocket Princesses #43: Que que natura (or not!)

Please reblog, don’t repost!

Pocket Princess #42: Happy Hogmanay!

Because 19thC European Christmas makes NO SENSE for half our girls!

Pocket Princesses 41: The Charming Initiative

If you are not familiar with The Hawkeye Initiative, just enjoy seeing some Disney boys stripped of their dignity and you’ll pretty much get it ;)